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About E-awsome-read

E-Awsome-read is an online portal where readers can buy, sell, rent and donate second-hand books of all kinds; be it for studies or pleasure. We are into making knowledge accessible and affordable for the maximum. We have the most reliable supply network of used books/books on rent. There’s something for everyone at E-awsome-read and it won’t cost the earth for we love books and the earth equally! used book stores online books

Benfits of buying used books/renting books

  1. Used books are cheap at cost
  2. Used books shipping is easy and fast
  3.  A used book where the key passages are highlighted is a gift for anyone who buys it
  4. Using second hand book is one kind of recycling so it is helpful for nature

We gives you a big platform to buy, sell, and rent, good quality of books at affortable cost. reusing books and papers are also ecofriendly